Ide Mada Odo Sakli Am Video published

2007-10-26 10:01:05 by Smirne

The video for the song "Ide Mada Odo Sakli am" of ebene Ivoire, vocal band of Garoua, North Cameroun, has been finally published! You can find the song here on NewGrounds and the video on youtube.

Recorded by JJ Escalante, Italian volounteer in Garoua, the song is in english and Fulfulde. The video shows the band singing around the big Murales at the Maison des Jeunes in Garoua. The band, the song, the video and the murales itself are examples of the activity of the Maison des Jeunes, and have been achieved with few money, lot of effort and lot of fun.
The video is available on youtube at the following address:

Ide Mada Odo Sakli Am Video published


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2008-03-07 09:52:19

As allways, awsome song with a clip that is just as nice =D

Smirne responds:

thank you very much! The song is not mine, but I worked very hard on the video!